I Have a Plan


I am going to take a stand against President Obama in spite of some family and friends who are lefties and cannot stand any criticism of not only the president, but most of Congress to boot. You can stick a glass eye in a monkey’s ear and see that our government is broken from top to bottom. It is obvious that our president will not take responsibility for his administration. When is enough, enough?

The sign that I am making simply says: “Honk if you want President Obama impeached along with his cronies.” Taking the sign and standing on the busiest street corner in Camp Verde will be my next move. A friend is going to be there with a video cam and we shall see what we shall see. Posting the video on Facebook and Youtube will be a pleasure…I will either be a hero or a dogs butt. Having been both in my life will illustrate that nobody will be getting a virgin – bring it on.

One person can make a difference and it’s time to quit complaining, quit worry about who you offend and quit being a couch patriot. I want our country back – vote the mid-terms in November!

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King of the World

Suzy Q

Suzy Q


If I were king of the world, I would adopt every stray dog, cat, bird, horse or critter that needed a good home. My frustration at not being able to do so is almost more than I can bear. When I see all the animals that are going to be destroyed on Facebook, my heart breaks each and every time. I feel so helpless because there are so many animals in need, not only in the states that the posts come from, but right here in my own state.

When I was a young boy growing up on an avocado ranch in southern California, we kids were taught that dogs stayed outside and were not allowed in the house. Because of that, we never really got attached to our dogs. When I think of all the years that I missed understanding that our pets become part of the family and are loved just as much as any family members, I am sad because I missed so much love and devotion. I never had a puppy sleep with me, play with me or love me unconditionally. What a deep, empty void that experience left in me.

I am here to tell you that my dreams have come true. I finally have that puppy and she is the joy of my life. For the first time I have a puppy that has bonded to me and shows me so much love and trust. Of course, my wife picks up the slack when I am not home, but Suzy is always so excited when she hears my voice calling for her the minute I get out of the truck.

I have my wife to thank for this miracle. When we first met in 1994, she made it perfectly clear that if I didn’t like her dogs I might as well take a hike. Well, I did like her dogs and thank God I stuck around to learn and understand what having pets really means. Along with their unconditional love and devotion comes great responsibility to make sure they are cared for and protected against all the sicknesses and dangers that can end their short lives before it is time. The reward for being diligent far outweighs the work it takes to care for pets.

I look forward to Suzy riding with me in the truck and maybe even taking rides on the Harley. I have always been so envious of motorcycle riders who have their dogs riding with them sniffing the air and showing huge doggy smiles. I suppose it is dangerous, but with the proper training, I am sure Suzy will love going with Daddy for a ride.

Our pets have enriched our lives and I can’t imagine not having a least two or three dogs lying in bed with us at night playing, chewing toys and content to be with their pack leaders. Sometimes I wonder who leads whom, but no matter – it is all good!

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Life Is Never Wasted

My son...Sturgis 2013.

My son…Sturgis 2013.


Someone recently told me that they thought their life was wasted and I replied “There is nothing wasted under the Sun…we all grow daily – if only minute by minute.”

We are indeed a curious species. We can readily help anyone who is in need, but still think our lives are wasted because we don’t live up to our own expectations. The problem is having expectations in the first place; expectations set you up for disappointment.

There is a big difference between expectations and goals. We all should have goals and included in those goals should be the constant desire to be a better person. Expectations are phantom desires that are like smoke. Without fire, the smoke disappears. Without passion in our lives, our smoke (expectations) evaporates in sadness, disappointment and depression.

I like to set goals, but I have no expectations for the outcome. I just try as hard as I can to reach my goals and if I fail, I pick myself up, dust myself off and get on with life knowing that I did my best. Doing your best is really all that is needed. Sometimes it is not good enough for others and their expectations concerning your efforts, but that is their problem to deal with. You did the very best you could and that is enough.

I find it very sad that sometimes we let past, present and future expectations dictate how we live our lives and we forget about today – this very moment. Now is all you have and you can indeed waste time. By living in the present and not worrying about things that are gone or haven’t happened yet, we begin to understand what is really important.

Right now, writing a blog that I hope will help someone become less apprehensive about life is how I chose to spend my present time. I am in the here and now and I don’t care about the past or the future until I finish writing and decide what I am going to have for breakfast. No expectations there my friends. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for the future, it just means we should shed the expectations and insert hope and enthusiasm.

“Life is truly a box of chocolates,” and each day we unwrap another piece anticipating the taste and texture. I expect nothing, but I hope with enthusiasm that the piece will be coconut filled. If not, no worries – I will eat any kind of candy!

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Sunday Funnies

Sit back, relax and have a chuckle or two – for tomorrow we work!

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Oldie, but goodie....

Oldie, but goodie….















































































































































































You can always tell election time....

You can always tell election time….



























The beauty of Facebook.

The beauty of Facebook.




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































My Friend

Q Nov. 2011 008 

 We usually tend to think of best friends as being the same gender, but, alas, that notion is a fallacy. One of my best friends (other than my wife) is female. Unfortunately, she moved away from Arizona to California after the big market collapse and I lost touch with her for over four years.

You could have blown me away with a feather when I receive a voice mail from her a couple of days ago telling me she would be in northern Arizona for a few days…in fact, she is arriving today. I expect to meet up with her in Sedona for a visit and catch up on what she has been up to in the forests of northern California. Not much I suspect, the trees are huge and she is a tiny woman.

I have always admired beauty and this lady has that in abundance. More importantly, I also admire hardworking folks and she and her daughter are at the top of the class. When I needed work done on a custom home, she was Johnny on the spot – each time…every time. There is nothing more important than making a property shine for a client. I also respect leadership – it is a birthright that cannot be learned. You can hone it during a lifetime, but you either have it or you don’t. She has it in spades!

I could post her picture and name on this blog, but she is also a very private person. I am sure that has not changed. My wife has met her and thinks she and her daughter are adorable. When my wife thinks you are beautiful…you are beautiful. She should know; she has the patent on beauty.

I have always maintained that you can’t have too many friends, male or female. Unlike Sandra Bullock, I am referring to people who do have your back, no matter the circumstances. True friendship is not hearing from or seeing a friend for years and then suddenly they are back in your life as if no time had lapsed during their absence. This is the definition of real and lasting love.

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The Secret is Out



OK, what I am about to tell you must be kept in confidence. My wife and I watch two soap operas together most week days. There, I have said it and I am proud. The programs, you ask? The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, I would answer back.

You now have to be wondering why Mittster (the biker dude) would divulge such information – it could ruin his reputation in the Harley world. I am also an author, I would again answer back. I like studying the characters on soaps; the writers surely use the Hollywood lifestyle as background for the outlandish behavior of their casts.

I like to compare what I see happening on the program to what I see happening in real life. If you take away all the money, huge mansions, fancy cars and time constraints for programming…I see real life. In the world we live in, life is no different – it just takes much longer to live it.

Once I understood this, my guilt for watching vanished. I also began to understand why millions of people watch soaps to begin with. It is said that everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame; sometime in our lifetime we are going to live an episode from our favorite soap. Why wait, you can live it within an hour on television. This also works if you are elderly and already had your fifteen minutes – you get to do it again vicariously through actors…such a deal.

I do take issue with the fact that the population of Beverly Hills and Malibu has been shrunk to a handful of men and women in The Bold and the Beautiful. In their world, they have to swap the same partners over and over again to keep it interesting. I hope I live long enough to see a couple of bikers from Riverside allowed into the restricted zone. That should perk things up for a week or two.

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No Mushrooms Please



I started writing a scathing report on the condition of our country this morning and found myself getting more depressed by the moment. All the things I was writing about were not exactly government secrets. We all know what is happening to our freedoms due to government failures and corruption. It was as if I were writing a blog for mushrooms instead of intelligent Americans who are just as well-informed as I.

After finishing four paragraphs and feeling like I wanted to vomit, I got up and went into the kitchen for a fresh cup of Joe. While there, I was reminded of a cartoon I once saw that showed a picture of a WWII soldier holding a cup of coffee in his canteen. The caption read: “How about a cup of shut the hell up!” By the time I returned to my office computer, I knew what I had written was idiotic to say the least.

I started thinking about all the positive things in the world, our country and my life. I read wonderful articles daily about people who make a difference worldwide. Selfless acts of heroism, people feeding the less fortunate, animal rescues, gifts of kindness and charity, relief organizations that help when governments can’t or won’t because of bureaucratic red tape or corruption.

I also started thinking about Americans and their generosity. It’s hard to believe how much money and time we donate to others while so many are out of work or only working part-time. Most Americans would give you the shirt off their backs if need be after a disaster. Even when money is tight, we give all we can to help others. I like us and I am proud to be an American.

How fortunate am I? I have a wonderful wife, decent roof over my head and food on the table. We have two cars that are paid for even if we can’t afford to drive them much. It’s fun to carpool with Mother-In-Law (Mum) and family to eat out occasionally when Denny’s has a special. We are concerned about the economy and our government failures just like everyone else, but we still manage to laugh a lot at each other and ourselves because of memory loss, doing or saying something stupid (I would really not like to elaborate – thank you very much).

When the world seems on the verge of some mighty disaster, I like to be in the moment with my family and life. We only have the here and now in any case. “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not ours to hold.” I feel good writing this and I hope some of you feel good reading it. Maybe this blog represents a neat moment in time when you were free of worries and frets; fleeting, yes, but neat all the same.

Write on,


PS: Since the first time I posted this blog, Mum has moved into a nursing home for dementia/Alzheimer’s sufferers. Now we only have a third of a brain between us…it sucks!