Harley V-Rod vs. Indian Scout

If you mentioned water-cooled to a Harley old-timer like me, you were speaking fighting words – or so I thought, until I rode the V-Rod. I became a convert the minute I rode my 2003 Anniversary Model. While everything felt different, I was captivated by the smooth ride, clutch action, shifting pattern and ease of handling.

It has a sound like a Harley, but still different enough to interest me. The chug, chug was basically gone because of the incredible RPM capability and I had a tendency to lug her down until I got used to Porsche-designed power plant, hydraulic clutch and transmission.

While I did endure some snide remarks from bagger riders, payback was sweet when we all stopped at traffic lights in Phoenix during the summer. While all the air-cooled bike motors were pinging and trying to jump out of their cradles, my V-Rod was purring like a kitten. I was unable to see all the black smoke billowing out of the bagger bikes from loading up while idling in the heat because I was already at the next light waiting for them.

Enter the Indian Scout – what a pleasant surprise.


I love the new Indians to begin with and the new water-cooled Scout is the icing on the cake. I have not had the pleasure of riding any of the line-up, so I am unable to have anything but a visual opinion. I am here to tell you the vision is sublime.

Polaris has the reputation of building great off-road products along with Victory motorcycles, which are air-cooled. I have owned their quads and they are top-of-the line products. While I do not care for the Victory motorcycle design much, I am sure it is because they were targeting much younger riders.

Some are comparing the Scout to the Harley Sportster.

imagesD4UDSIA5 While I know from experience that the 1200 Sporty is a screaming machine, I doubt there will be any comparison to the Indian Scout’s water-cooled 100 H.P. engines and smoothness of the ride. My V-Rod is rated at 115 H.P., but I bet the Scout may give it a run for the money. The suspense is killing me – I just have to test ride one soon!

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Private Inner World

In remembrance of my twin, Walt. R.I.P

In remembrance of my twin, Walt. R.I.P

We cannot turn back the clock, but we can go to inner space and escape the rigors of life in our modern world if even for a short time. Some use transcendental meditation, yoga, drugs, exercise, sex and a multitude of other external stimuli to gain access to temporal internal solitude. I use writing as my way to internal order and peace. As long as I am writing, the physical world disappears and my inner space world appears and grants me entrance to a warm, loving and exciting place to be for a while.

When I exit this inner world, I must gather my thoughts and resign myself to coping with the world I live in as a human being, though it also is temporal in nature. We all must pass and hopefully to a better place without the struggles that humanity must endure. For those of us who believe in Devine Love, the struggles are great because we watch man’s inhumanity to man and it distresses us greatly.

One cannot be a spiritual being living the human experience without feeling the total chaos of our existence on planet Earth. While I pray for our survival on Earth and try to keep a positive attitude concerning the poisoning of our world by greedy, self-serving people who do not see the spiritual side of our nature, it is also evident that chaos will eventually win out and our species will kill itself in a cesspool of human waste. There is a slim chance that science may save the day because it is obvious that we cannot.

It is no wonder that I seek the solace of my private inner world and I am thankful for the opportunity to visit as much as I can. It is interesting that when I leave my private inner world, I publish the results and that precludes the loss of privacy. That is a small price to pay if my words touch someone else in a positive manner. It is not wrong to visit, just hard to come back to the reality of life and take on the responsibilities again of being human. Part of that responsibility is to try to help my fellow man the best I can. It is through my writing that I hope to be of some service – it is really all I have to offer.

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Cuss Words vs. No Cuss Words


imagesCARSI88LDo authors need to resort to swearing to make their books sell? The answer is a definitive no. I think novels stuffed with swear words are not only in bad taste, but speak little of the author to be able to keep their readers turning pages without the use of nasty words.

My dad always said cussing was a sign of an illiterate person. I don’t necessarily believe that anymore, but it does represent unnecessary word clutter in a novel. If I can’t convey an idea without the use of foul words, I need to go back to working construction. Yes, you guessed it – I was in construction and I know all the choice words.

Because of my history of swearing, I was determined to not use foul language in my books. I manage to write two self-help books and three novels without swearing up a storm and, in fact, I only used one swear word and it was in Spanish. The word was spoken by a drug lord in Tijuana, Mexico. The book was Evil in the Mirror, a murder mystery. My next two books had no bad language whatsoever.

I found excluding cussing to be a challenge at first, but as time went by my books started to show real depth to my characters and to the character writing them. Challenge became joy when I discovered murder, most foul, said it all. No cuss words were needed – the reader was disgusted enough.

Over the years I had become an avid reader and the one thing I detested was all the foul language in most books that I read. I thought it unnecessary then as well as now. It was F this and MF that until I put the book down in disgust never to pick it up again.

About that time, Anne Rice hit the scene with her Vampire Chronicles. Instantly I was swallowed up in the best writing skills I had ever read. I called her writing tapestry because of all the textures, moods and colors created, even in the death scenes. I knew after reading her works that someday I would write a novel. It took thirty years, but I finally did it and my life will never be the same.

The way you write your book is yours and yours alone…I would not presume to tell you how. I can only try to convey the way I feel about how I write my books. Clean they may be, but wholesome I think not. Murder is a nasty business!

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Sunday Funnies

I so enjoy reading these cartoons on Facebook and then sharing them with all my friends and family. Laughter is truly the best medicine for what ails you, especially, but not limited to, stress! I put laughter right up there with babies, dogs and cats for pure pleasure.

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Perfect for Halloween!

Perfect for Halloween!























Animal lovers going to hate this....

Animal lovers going to hate this….
























































































































































































































































































































































The Funny Man Has Left the Building


I’m trying to figure out what happened to my sense of humor. I used to write witty blogs splashed with humor that would tickle the funny bone and make you smile. Now it seems politics have taken over my mind like a B-rated science fiction movie.

After some investigation, I have come to the conclusion that Facebook is the culprit. Other than the occasional cartoon that I plagiarised into Sunday Funnies once a week – the fare on the site is dismal, dark and sometimes just plain gruesome. There are also postings of religious dogma fit for the pious which does not include me. Let us not forget the enlightenment posts that sometimes make me so crazy that I have to switch to Twitter just to get a break.

I know, if I don’t like Facebook…don’t log on to Facebook. Simple, right? Wrong! I am addicted just like the rest of the Facebookers out there in la la land. Besides, where else can I get breaking news which may or may not be anywhere close to the truth? If it isn’t on Facebook – it doesn’t exist. At least that is what I heard on Facebook.

You know I always like to suggest a cure to what ails the world. In this case, I think it means I have too much time on my hands…which means I have to start another book. For God’s sake, one would think a trilogy is enough. On the other hand, being an author is like being a Facebooker. More is never enough and enough is like a wisp of smoke.

Which brings me to the real point of this blog; I feel the need to write yet another dark murder mystery. While I would never compare myself to Edgar Allen Poe, I too like to dwell on the dark side of life, but only in fiction of course. My public life is filled with fun, humor, roses and sunshine. Such is the way of a successful career serial killer.

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I Can Sort of Take Criticism Now


Most of the time my wife proofs my blogs – she also does the first proofing of all my novels. While writing my first murder mystery, Evil in the Mirror, she would proof whatever I had written on any given day so that the work wouldn’t pile up to the point where she would have to spend hours doing the job.

Why she continues doing this for me is a direct result of her love for murder mysteries, and her love for me. I would go into a major tailspin every time we would sit down so I could review her reviews…I took every little change badly and personally. I think it is called a hissy fit or tantrum; in either case, I can’t imagine how she put up with it.

I would even go off if she corrected a misspelled word. My position was that it’s my book and I’ll write like I want to (sing to Leslie Gore’s 1965 song, “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To”). Knowing that I was the world’s worst spelling on the planet didn’t matter either – damn it, I am the author. It was akin to saying, I am the King. The truth was that I couldn’t take criticism and not being able to do that is death to an author’s writing, having friends and quite possibly, his or her marriage.

Over the years, 1200 or so blogs and five books later, we can still fence a little while she is proofing something I wrote, but I keep it light and we don’t fight. The whole process of being an author, publishing books and taking it in the shorts by Amazon has a tendency to bring even the most arrogant, wanabe author to their knees.

Being a legend in your own mind is counterproductive if you are serious about being an author. In fact, I have found teaching others about all the pitfalls they will encounter while trying to write and publish their work is also a learning experience. Teaching others is not only one of the best ways to learn, it is also a good way to tame the ego. Ego is the enemy and it needs to be vanquished early in your writing career. Say goodbye to “self” and say hello to being a great writer and good person.

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One, Two, Three, Four and More


I have hidden the zero because I have a thing for that number. For one (pun intended) thing, it’s the number of times we should get divorced. Zero is also the number of times we should ever malign, make fun of or bully anyone.

It is also the number of times we should have a hangover while puking in the golden throne. It’s the number of times we should ever get involved in a parental argument while using foul language. Definitely the number of times it should be about us instead of the people who deserve it.

How about the number of times we should lose our temper while taking it out on someone who doesn’t deserve it? Zero would be nice for all the times we threw trash out the truck window while driving. Zero would be a great number for all the times we shot and killed a wild animal without needing the meat to stay alive.

Zero would be more than enough times to lose your temper at a child and watch the fear and disappointment show through their eyes – the same for spouses. A single time should be enough for looking in a mirror and being totally disgusted at the reflection. Zero would be a better number, but no one is perfect.

I think it is obvious why the number zero is never shown in everyday counting. Zero times is not attainable in life because it has no value. It only has the value we give to it. When you look at all the things we humans shouldn’t do, zero suddenly has tremendous value.

Zero should be first on our bucket list even though it is not attainable in the real world. The effort to get to 0 times is a noble goal indeed. One thing is for sure – the look in the mirror will be far less traumatic.

I’m just saying,