Sunshine on my Shoulder


I am truly astounded at the things I read on Facebook. The doom and gloom are so persuasive that they hang over the air like a smoggy day in Los Angeles. That is not to say that there aren’t some who try to brighten everyone’s day with catchy phrases and universal truths. There are those who radiate much love on Facebook. Unfortunately, they are few and far between.

What I don’t like is that I find myself doing the same thing. I share negative crap that may fit my agenda on any given day, and when I catch myself doing this I am ashamed because it is not really who or what I am, nor is it representative of my upbringing. I was brought up to be respectful, tolerant and forgiving.

Why is it that I too get caught up in the moment concerning gun control, politics, religion and scores of other topics that only add to the uncertainty of our times, instead of focusing on the things that are really important to our development as spiritual beings having a human experience – things like love, sensitivity and tolerance for those who are also caught up in the drama of life in today’s world.

Sometimes I want to throw my computer out the window and tune out the entire negative world and somehow let the positive take over my life. The problem is that we humans are a curious species and we can’t hide in a closet. We are hard-wired to search and explore for new places, things, adventures and people. We are born to be controversial because we are born competitive.

While I find it difficult to accept old age in general, I am thankful that competing for anything at my age is a turnoff. Who needs it? But, I am still drawn to the controversial like a moth to flame and usually I end up burnt to a crisp wishing I had not written or shared such a stupid statement or subject on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.

I did have one experience this morning that gave me some solace and peace of mind. I listened to “Sunshine on my Shoulder” by John Denver and the song took me back to Aspen, Colorado, in the 1970s. Those were happy times and life was simple. I didn’t have TV and the Internet was not yet invented. We were too busy working during the week and playing softball on the weekends to read a newspaper or even care much about world events.

I guess the bottom line is that I need to learn how to stay in the Facebook background and blend in by clicking “like” without negative comments. It would also help if I only shared positive things and shied away from anything controversial. Yes, I think that would be the answer – if I can just stay one iota above obnoxious, I am good to go!

I’m just saying,


Sedona, Arizona

To me, Sedona has always been one of the most beautiful places in America, the majestic red rock cliffs, ancient canyons that were home to prehistoric people who lived in monumental cliff dwellings, and the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon with mountain clear water running year-round through the center of Old Town. There are also fantastic custom homes, hotels, shops and restaurants that greet snowbirds with visual and culinary delights.


I am proud of the small part I played in building this log home on Oak Creek Canyon

I am proud of the small part I played in building this log home on Oak Creek Canyon


I have watched this town grow as the years pass and even though to some it seemed out of control, to me everything still enhanced the beauty of Sedona. I suppose it’s because I have been involved in building some of the custom homes and commercial sites in the area. I see beauty in architecture and a perfect example of that is The Chapel of the Holy Cross rising out of the bedrock to greet everyone coming into town on scenic Highway 179.



The beauty of Sedona belies the tragic ramifications of the world financial meltdown of 2009. Like every region in the country, the Verde Valley in northern Arizona was no exception when it came to hard times. I was surprised to see construction basically stop in Sedona though. This town has always prospered even when the rest of the state was experiencing recession. When money is so tight that custom homes are not being built, you know something is very wrong with our economy.




Camp Soaring Eagle (a 40 million dollar camp for children with terminal illnesses) being built in the Village of Oak Creek fell by the wayside due to the lack of donations. To be certified by the Paul Newman Foundation as a “Hole in the Wall Camp,” it must be built solely with donations. Not even celebrities like Jane Seymour could help us raise the needed funding to continue construction.




I heard of one elderly woman who lost her husband to a heart attack during the financial crisis. He had handled all their investments and when the stock market crashed, he died and she was penniless. They had worked their whole lives to be able to retire in the Sedona area. She lost everything and was forced to live with relatives in Detroit. I would rather jump off a bridge than live in any big city!

I know these examples of struggle are minor compared to some tragedies that have befallen our citizens, but I can only relate to where I live and what is happening in our area of the world. I pray for an end to the hard times and a return to prosperity for all our citizens. Meaningful employment is what we need, not handouts and a free meal. A working nation under God is what this country was based on. It seems both have been stripped from us.

I’m just saying,


Sunday Funnies

Let me see, 96 degrees in Phoenix yesterday and I froze my butt off riding the high country. I need these funnies today big time!

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Much more info than I needed!

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Something Old – Something New



I have decided to throw out some of the old and add some new things to my life:

  1. If I can’t seem to ever really please someone…adios, muchacha!
  2. If conflict is not in your vocabulary…mi casa, su casa.
  3. If you are never wrong…adios, amigo!
  4. If you can be wrong and I can be wrong, and we agree to disagree agreeably…I heart you.
  5. If your point of view is the only one viable…go suck an egg!
  6. If you can stand back and let someone else have a point of view without butting in with yours…I heart you.
  7. If you want my point of view, but insist on giving it to me…go suck yet another egg!
  8. If you are conservative or liberal, but no one really knows which…I heart you even more.
  9. If you are conservative or liberal, but there is only room for one and everyone else is full of crap…go take a leap at a rolling donut!
  10. If you are true to yourself without stepping on everyone’s toes while doing so…I can’t help but heart you.
  11. If your God is the only God…leave me and my God alone!
  12. If your faith is spiritual in nature and all religions are but other staircases to the same prize…I so very heart you.
  13. If you insist on being the center of the universe…it’s all yours, baby; I’m moving on the very edge where you can’t be seen or heard!
  14. If you care about every living thing on Earth…our hearts are one.
  15. If you think that animals slaughtered for human consumption is OK…bon appétit when all that is left are other humans!
  16. If you believe Mother Earth is fragile and needs protection…the whole world will heart you.
  17. If you believe Mother Nature is a myth…watch out when she kicks your sorry ass straight to Hell!
  18. If you believe all people have the capacity and right to love and be loved…we are heart partners.
  19. If you believe that only a select group or culture has the right to love or be loved…you are a racist and have no place in my heart!
  20. If you believe in Devine Love and genuinely strive to be a loving person…I will heart you forever.


While I haven’t yet replaced all of the above bad habits with the good ones, you can bet I am trying each and every day to be the kind of person I know is possible for each and every one of us. Let’s walk hand in hand to become more like the Devine Spirit that dwells inside our hearts and less of what dwells inside our minds.

I’m just saying,



Thank God It’s Friday!


I spent my whole construction career anticipating retirement by counting off the years until the day finally arrived. Oh, the first day of not having to go to work and listen to wealthy custom home owners complain about the most insignificant crap imaginable was pure heaven. The second day, not so much – I paced around the house and for the rest of the week I thought my wife would go bananas.

Finally she laid down the law and ordered me to do something other than drive her to an early grave. That something was a flyer posted on the local hardware store bulletin board. I figured nothing would come of it and I could maybe just ride my Harley every day. That wasn’t a good idea because all my riding partners worked during the week. But, worse yet…people actually called about the flyer. As it turns out, all my new customers were turning out to be property rich and money poor.

It also became evident that all my jobs would be cleaning up debris and weeds caused by years of neglect by home owners who wanted to keep their yards clean, but were working their fingers to the bone just trying to make ends meet. Of course I felt sorry for them and lowered my pricing to fit their budgets.

The moral to this story is simple; I have ended up volunteering for a good cause. My job is to help my neighbors keep their properties looking good at a fee that covers only my truck expenses, tool replacement and repair. There is nothing left over for wifey and sometimes I ask her to help me with the bigger jobs for free.

Now we are at the point in the story concerning T.G.I.F. Today we finish a particularly hard cleanup project that includes Paul Bunion chainsaw type of work. It also includes dump runs, which is my favorite thing to do because if there is a disease to be had – it’s at the dump! I love sharing the smells, sights and health risks with the multitude of ravens that think the dump is a five-star restaurant.

Today is pure T.G.I.F. for wifey and me. Tomorrow is Harley riding day for me and relax and read day for her. Perfect, if I do say so myself.

I’m just saying,


The Eerie World of Dreams


Last night was a horrible experience. My dream was one I could not escape; you know, the kind of dream that returns even after you have woken up and gone to the restroom while hoping the whole time when you get back into bed the dream will change, but alas, you wake up later involved in the same idiotic and frightening dreamscape.

This occurrence is so rare with me that it stands out even now, hours after I have dragged my tired body out of bed. Usually I am up very early to work on my blog and Website, but the service is down and there was no real reason to get up. Now I wish I had anyway because my mood is grim and sour. I can’t get the damn dream out of my skull.

Like most dreams that scare or disturb us, this one was no different. It’s hard to describe really – I was always trying to find my way back to the city where I lived, but the trip kept leading me into dark, foreboding places that housed even darker people. They were not monsters, but instead, people lost like me, and all heading for somewhere they could not reach. They reminded me of Zombies, but not the brain eating kind.

It started out with me looking for a job outside the city; why I was on foot escapes me. Nor was I dressed warmly, only a shirt, pants and work boots. The boots I remember distinctly because several times I was trekking through mud and gunk in a refinery of some kind. I hopped on a train that ran through a huge complex and found myself climbing higher on the train structure trying to get a better hold for the ride that unfortunately ended up going the wrong way. At times I could see the freeway to the city in the distance, but always I was going in the wrong direction, either walking or riding.

What made the dream even worse was that it was getting dark and cold and there was no shelter in this dark and damp structure. Even if I could have managed to get outside, I would have nowhere to escape the night. Just that thought alone kept me reaching for blankets and pulling them practically over my head and at the same time praying that the dream would go away.

I would wake for brief moments during my dream feeling totally alone and desolate, even with my wife and two dogs sleeping soundly next to me. The feeling was one of dread that this scenario could be real and that I would wander aimlessly for eternity never finding home and the security it represented. I found it interesting that the home I was dreaming of was when I was a younger man; in fact, I think in the dream I was in my late twenties.

I know nothing of dream interpretations, but this I do know. Our lives can end up just like my dream in a heartbeat. Natural and other disasters rip apart lives and people become wanderers in the same kind of grim dreamscapes like in my dream. Only this time it is for real, and the huge, damp and dark structure you are walking through is what is left of your town.

No place in our country is exempt from disaster. Thank God we Americans are always willing to help each other in times of need. After my dream I now see why help is so very important. It’s not just physical needs; it also includes companionship with others so the feelings of aloneness and desolation are minimized. God bless our fellow Americans and God bless America!

Write on,


Private Inner World



We cannot turn back the clock, but we can go to inner space and escape the rigors of life in our modern world if even for a short time. Some use transcendental meditation, yoga, drugs, exercise, sex and a multitude of other external stimuli to gain access to temporal internal solitude. I use writing as my way to internal order and peace. As long as I am writing, the physical world disappears and my inner space world appears and grants me entrance to a warm, loving and exciting place to be for a while.

When I exit this inner world, I must gather my thoughts and resign myself to coping with the world I live in as a human being, though it also is temporal in nature. We all must pass and hopefully to a better place without the struggles that humanity must endure. For those of us who believe in Devine Love, the struggles are great because we watch man’s inhumanity to man and it distresses us greatly.

One cannot be a spiritual being living the human experience without feeling the total chaos of our existence on planet Earth. While I pray for our survival on Earth and try to keep a positive attitude concerning the poisoning of our world by greedy, self-serving people who do not see the spiritual side of our nature, it is also evident that chaos will eventually win out and our species will kill itself in a cesspool of human waste. There is a slim chance that science may save the day because it is obvious that we cannot.

It is no wonder that I seek the solace of my private inner world and I am thankful for the opportunity to visit as much as I can. It is interesting that when I leave my private inner world, I publish the results and that precludes the loss of privacy. That is a small price to pay if my words touch someone else in a positive manner. It is not wrong to visit, just hard to come back to the reality of life and take on the responsibilities again of being human. Part of that responsibility is to try to help my fellow man the best I can. It is through my writing that I hope to be of some service – it is really all I have to offer.

Write on,