I saw bright stars early this morning. Sounds like a stupid statement, but because of light and smoke pollution there are nights when you can only see the very brightest stars from the Verde Valley in Arizona.

I maintain that when we can no longer see stars from earth, the human race will become extinct. I don’t necessarily mean extinct like the dinosaurs; what I mean is dead emotionally and spiritually. Viewing the heavens has been part of mans growth from the very beginning of time.

They (the stars) have sparked our imaginations and given impetus to our spiritual growth down through the ages. I remember growing up in southern California and seeing beautiful, bright stars clear down to the horizon. The sight never ceased to amaze me and I always felt small and insignificant, but at the same time the Milky Way always inspired me and made me feel close to my God. Without this inspiration, the human race will truly lose the most compelling proof that there is something vastly more important and mighty than our egos make us out to be.

I never feared the end of the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus or Armageddon. There are a million ways for life to end and end it must – that is the way of things. What I fear is losing my humanity before I pass on. My hope is we can all look up at billions of bright stars in the universe as we prepare to leave our beautiful blue planet.

I’m just saying,



Let’s All Be Gay

I hope today is a gay day for all. Let the merriment begin so we all get through Monday smiling – after all, Webster says that “gay” is being keenly alive and exuberant: having or inducing high spirits <a bird’s gay spring song>. 2. a: bright, lively <gay sunny meadows>. b: brilliant in color.

We don’t use the word “gay” much anymore. I remember my parents using the word often when talking to my grandmother and great-grandmother when we would visit them in the senior citizens center. There was much laughter and gay times during those visits; my how times have changed.

Now we have to say gay looking over our shoulder lest we offend someone. Can you imagine saying, “I had a gay time at the party last night” or “Tom and Jerry were so gay at the party last night.” Holy smokers, the stuff would hit the fan – big time!

Personally I tire of always having to watch what I say in public for fear of offending someone. We have become a nation of wussies to say the least. It seems everyone wants a piece of the “feel sorry for me pie.” Guess what – I am fresh out of humble pie. What you see is what you get.

I never intend of offending anyone for any reason; I wasn’t raised that way. My parents taught me to respect my elders no matter whom they are and respect for women is basic as Mom’s apple pie. Speaking of Mom’s apple pie – I wish I had some right now. That also would help me get through Monday.

Moral of this story: Let us eat, drink and be gay – for tomorrow we die. Who knows, this may indeed be our last day on the planet. I, for one, am going to live it to its fullest!

I’m just saying,


Sunday Funnies

In just a couple weeks, we will ride to Durango, Colorado, for the Four Corners Rally. The new Indian and a Polaris Slingshot will be available for test rides – now that will be fun! Tic tock, tic tock, tic tock, tic tock, tic tock, tic tock. Somebody shoot that damn clock!!

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King Mittster

imagesDV4YUNAFI know most of us have given thought of what it would be like if we could be king or queen of the world for a day. Just thinking of the wrongs we could make right gives us all hope and inspiration even if it were just for a fleeting moment in time.

Well, guess what, my fellow Americans, I have taken it one step further. I am now king of the whole world for one full twenty-four hour day. You may ask how this miracle happened and the answer is simple. I proclaimed it; so let it be written – so let it be done!

I know we live in a democracy and voting for a President and other non-effective political positions in our government is the usual way leaders are proclaimed. But, because of the total ineffectual, comical and idiotic way things have turned out; having me for your King for a day will be sufficient time to straighten many things out.

Let’s start with our multi-trillion dollar deficit. As of this second, we no longer have a National debt. Why? Because I am now calling in all the money owed this country from foreign countries that we rebuilt after the really, really bad guys bombed and occupied their countries during W.W.II. I am also calling in the money we spent repairing the countries that mothered the bad guys, which was the reason we had to bomb them into submission in the first place. Money received…National debt gone!

Effectively immediately, there will be no more corruption in our Government. Anyone over the age of forty will be retired with no pension, healthcare or Social Security until they have reached the age of seventy. At which time, they will participate in the same programs with which the rest of us are strapped. Misery loves company! Why do they have to wait until they are seventy? Because that is exactly what they want us to do so they can rake in even more money for perks.

All Federal, state, and municipal governments will be privatized in a matter of minutes after this proclamation is read. How? Not one government worker will receive a paycheck until they find a civilian employer willing to hire them. Since there are no jobs, and even if there were, no one would hire them; I suggest they pack their bags and hit the road to France. I hear that country is looking for government type lackeys all the time.

As soon as possible, all military personnel will be transferred from all foreign countries and stationed along the American – Mexican border. Any and all drug smugglers caught peddling their poison will be shot and then retained in a freezer for deportation. Illegal’s crossing the border will be retained and then deported to France to serve all the American politicians moving there. Any and all coyotes caught smuggling illegal’s across the border will be tied to a mesquite tree and left in the elements for a minimum of thirty days without water or food. If their skeletons can walk after that time period is up, they may return to their own country without further harassment.

Now what about banks, lending institutions and investment companies? Everyone knows I am against capital punishment, mainly because too many innocent people have been executed by overzealous district attorneys who would have an innocent person die before admitting to being wrong. So what do we do with these greedy, corrupt, ruthless money grubbers who would steal a widow’s last dime to live the lavish lifestyle which they have become accustomed? The answer is simple; we let the Wall Streeters fight it out with the district attorneys in mortal jousting combat just like on television. The winners will be deported to England where jousting originated and is still practiced in the House of Commons.

Ah, yes, the high cost of medical care. The solution is so simple – for every five minutes you are kept waiting past your appointment time, you will receive one hundred dollars. The money is to be paid in cash and due upon leaving of the doctor’s office. Problem solved, and in no time you will have enough money to send your kids to medical school and then be able to receive free medical care for the duration.

The problem of the high cost of gas is not really a problem anymore. Five minutes ago I nationalized all the gas companies in America and its territories. The price of gas and other fuels will be no higher than fifty cents a gallon. Anyone trying to gouge a customer will have to drink the amount of fuel they tried to cheat you for. It’s called an eye for an eye! The offending dealer can go to his doctor and probably make more money on the one hundred-dollar refund deal than he would have trying to cheat you in the first place.

Oh, crap, my wife tells me that my day of being King is over. If you missed out on any of the measures I initiated, I am truly sorry. I guess a day just isn’t long enough to make a difference. Well, it sure wasn’t for the lack of trying….

I’m just saying,




Insanity vs. Sanity


Have you noticed that “sane people” know everything? Whereas insane people, like me, know very little, especially as we get older. It’s easy for me to say, “The older I get, the less I know.” Why? Because I believe it to be true – to the sane people, or “they” as I like to call them, my comments are insane. Actually, some people who read my gibberish blogs are a little more polite and refer to me as an emotionally unstable and sometime humorous author. To the people out there who read my murder mysteries, they find it hard to justify that such a sick, depraved person could have any sense of humor at all.

My wife loves my murder mysteries and has read them many times in her role as proofer and editor. When her mother-in-law called after trying to read my first novel “Evil in the Mirror” to warn her daughter of impending doom because she was obviously married to a homicidal maniac, my wife patiently informed her that her son-in-law just has a very active imagination. Thank God mother-in-law didn’t finish the book, let alone read the sequels. The point is that my mother-in-law is sane and because of that, she must now lay awake at nights wondering when I am going to murder her in a most foul and gruesome way!

While I in no way compare myself to Stephen King, I sometimes wonder how his family cope living with him. He is not only a writer of very scary books, but he is also a scary looking guy with no sense of humor. Mother-in-law should be afraid of him, not me.

Getting back to sane people who know everything – I listen to our Washington politicians, who are mostly old senile know-it-alls, who should be in nursing homes, profess to know what is the best for just about everything under the sun. Somehow freeloading in Congress for decade after decade makes them geniuses. If that is sanity, I want no part of it. I also listen to radio talk show gurus from the left and right who somehow think being a public speaker makes them centers for world knowledge. Come to think of it, the United Nations professes to be the reservoir for universal wisdom. God help us all!

For the most part, I think all my friends on Twitter and Facebook are insane. Most don’t know it all and have a deep concern for people and all the creatures of the planet. Our beautiful blue planet means more than just a place to see how much money and power one can accumulate; it also represents our spaceship for survival. I like this kind of insanity rather than the sanity of the so-called “know it all” people. It is time for the insane to stand up and be counted. I, for one, am standing now with my right hand held high in the air showing the peace sign with two fingers for the insane of the world, and my left hand even higher in the air showing one finger to all the rest!

Write on,


I Also Have a Dream


I dream of a time when the human race realizes that its waste is polluting every space on Earth. It is not enough to just know this fact; we must act to stop the practice before our spaceship is not fit for us to live on and we perish.

Every other species on this planet knows not to defecate in its home, but human beings will defecate in the very places that sustain life. We even have the nerve to sit in big halls and proclaim lofty goals to stop this mass pollution while perpetuating the rape and plunder of Mother Earth’s resources. These resources also include our own kind…the rich and powerful somehow think that they and they alone will survive any catastrophe that might befall mankind – what folly indeed.

Somehow wealth and power constitute wisdom to the few who would rule the world. In reality, their own lack of sensibilities consumes their ability to make sense. We see so-called leaders making statements that confound the masses because they do not have one thread of common sense which is what real wisdom is all about.

These people have tried to rule the world since time immortal, but only in this century have we (the masses) been privy to their ranting and raving. Mass media is the reason we can see these super wise people on a daily basis and their messages are always the same. Let me show you the way to freedom, when in reality they only wish to enslave.

Control is the key word with the Earth ruler want-to-be wise men and women. They are very easy to spot because their wealth precedes their words and non-deeds. It is no surprise that the rulers are trying new tactics in today’s world. The masses can no longer be controlled by religion – that only leaves political and economic control.

What better way than ownership of food and drink to control the common folks. If we are good, we will receive our stipend of sustenance for the day. If we do not conform, our children go hungry and thirsty. “Give me your tired, huddled masses yearning to be free” takes on a sinister connotation. He who controls resources can control the world – at least for a while.

What is not in the wealthy man’s tiny brain is the absolutely incredible ability and power of the little people to fight back and again win their freedom from tyrants. We will rise to fight the giant with arrow and slings and we will win simply because we have the common sense to do so. We will find the tyrants hiding in their lairs filled with terror and misgivings because of stupidity and greed. All their gold and silver will not save them….

Write on,


My Own Best Friend


I was raised in a construction family. Mom spoiled my brother and me and we turned out to be brats in many ways. I always had champagne taste on a beer budget. Our step-dad should have put the hammer down, but Mom would have no part of it.

We reached adulthood not understanding much about integrity, loyalty or honesty. Please understand that our parents possessed all three in abundance. They did the very best they could, but after doing without before and during WW II, our parents wanted us to have everything they were unable to possess.

I wanted to be one of the popular boys in school and I envied the jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends. Let’s face it; I did not fit in with the high society group no matter how hard I tried. Money bought a smile, but smiles were offset with snickers and condemnation behind my back. When I finally learned that the ‘in crowd’ was laughing behind my back, my self-esteem hit rock bottom.

As a young adult I became a loner and burnt bridges faster than they could be built. Alcohol and drugs became more important than relationships and stability. I lived for today without regard for tomorrow and I was always one step ahead of bill collectors and sometimes the law. Being a speedboat without a rudder can be exciting, but sooner or later a crash is inevitable.

50 years of my life were spent in the fast lane. After many failed relationships and children left fatherless – one day I looked into a mirror and the reflection was hideous. Suddenly the realization that this reflection was what everyone saw during my life explained why I didn’t fit in. How could I? I was spoiled, arrogant and selfish. Most important – I hated myself for what I had become.

1990 was a year of discovery for me. I discovered that if I genuinely cared more for others, I could start caring about myself. If I genuinely became friends with others, I could finally be friends with myself. If I could learn to love myself, I could finally truly love someone else. All the money in the world cannot buy true love or friends. Only after you learn to be your own best friend can you truly have friends that really matter.

I have no problem looking into the mirror. What I see now is my best friend and I treat this best friend like all my friends…with respect, love and admiration. While this concept may seem strange at first, after a while it will seem natural as rain and the process will cleanse your soul and set free your heart to love all mankind.

Write on,