Last First Date



20 years ago, I went on my last first date. The week had started out OK, but it suddenly turned really bright when I received a telephone message that there was a lady who wanted to meet me from the dating service I belonged to.

I was getting a divorce, lonely as hell, and I thought maybe the service could find me someone to date. I had dreams of going out to dinner, dancing and maybe even meeting someone I could get to know as a steady girlfriend.

The date was set for the following Saturday night and I was so excited. Dinner reservations were made at Red Lobster in Saginaw, Michigan, which was a short drive from Midland where we both lived. There would be rock and roll dancing afterward at a club. The stage was set and I wanted everything to be perfect.

I drove to her house and found myself in the driveway of the quaintest house I had ever seen. Although I drove past her house everyday for months, I had never really noticed just how beautiful it was. It struck me odd that I only lived a few blocks away, but light years from the people I was to meet inside.

After taking a deep breath, I headed for the door bell and pushed it with great trepidation. The woman who answered the door was a vision of beauty and grace. I was stunned while gazing, mouth agape, at the tall, slender and absolutely gorgeous woman before me. There had to be a mistake. Am I at the wrong address? Fortunately for me, it was not a mistake and I was invited in to meet her officially and her two sons.

Jay & Chris

The boys were polite, well-groomed and I liked them right off. The youngest, in his late teens looked like his mother and the oldest, in his early twenties, did not have his mother’s blond hair, but instead had dark hair and I assumed he looked like his father – which was the case. Both guys were handsome young men and a delight to be around. She did have two Chihuahuas that were not as friendly, but cute little rascals never-the-less. That is another story….

After getting to know all three a little better, we finally decided it was time to go on our first (and I hoped not our last) date. We headed for Saginaw talking and learning more about each other. I remember I was so enamored by her beauty and she had the most fantastic hands. Her fingers were long, sensuous and so expressive. I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the fact that she had the body of Venus and I tried so hard not to stare and slobber on myself like the idiot that men can be.

Dinner was good and I learned that she did not drink or smoke which was fine with me. I was anxious to go dancing so I could hold this woman in my arms while slow dancing to music, any music would do – just let me hold her! We danced to a slow tune and then started dancing to some lively rock and roll. I started to rock out and proceeded to twirl her around several times. I lost my balance and grabbed her breast halfway through a twirl and ended with grabbing her butt, just before she yelled at me, “What are you doing?”

I was mortified and starting apologizing profusely, while totally understanding I had just committed the first deadly sin of the first date…it was all over but the crying now. We went back to our table, which had it been any bigger I would have gladly hidden under rather than face her wrath. While she could clearly see that I was horrified and started laughing about the incident, all I wanted to do was disappear like a wisp of smoke.

I told her it would be better if we left now in spite of her insistence that everything was fine and we should stay. I could not face her beautiful face and smile while I was dying inside knowing I was destined to live a solitary life of shame and humiliation – to say nothing of the wrath of her two sons who would surely want revenge.

I took her home and retreated to my place in total shock with the knowledge that I had just met and lost an angel all in one fell swoop. Way to go jackass! Sleep came hard and my dreams were of lost love and being whipped on by two young men defending their mother’s honor.

Early Sunday evening I was jolted from a sound sleep by the ringing of my phone. Oh, my God, it was her! She asked if I would mind looking at a house her oldest wanted to buy. He didn’t want to purchase it without an inspection and she knew I was in construction. I asked when she would like me to see it. “How about now?” was her reply.

I threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and was waiting in the yard for her and her son when they pulled in five minutes after her call. After the inspection, while her son was in the house talking to the real estate salesman, I found myself sitting alone with my dream girl in the truck. I again apologized in earnest and she just smiled and then to my utter amazement, kissed me full on the mouth. She pulled back and said with the most wonderful tone in her voice, “Don’t worry, this will be something we can kid you about for many years to come.”

Executive Secretary to the President and C.E.O. of Dow Chemical.

Executive Secretary to the President and C.E.O. of Dow Chemical.

My wife and I have been together ever since and she is still my angel and I have come to love her sons as my own. As for the two Chihuahuas, they have passed, but not before they taught me how to love dogs as our children. I was, and still am, the luckiest man on the planet!

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Sunday Funnies

I want to thank all the Facebook folks who post cartoons so that I can re-cap them for Sunday Funnies. A good laugh on Sunday can make Monday a better place to visit – I think.

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A Selfish Prayer


Lately my wife and I have been involved with a nursing home. We were forced to have my wife’s mother admitted to a small facility here in Camp Verde, Arizona. The decision was difficult and our feelings of guilt overwhelming. Dementia/Alzheimer’s is the culprit and the prognosis is dismal at best.

It hurts me no end to see Mum try to understand why she can’t remember anything…not even her own name. It also hurts me no end to see my wife suffer so. There is nothing I can say, or do, that will help the situation improve.

One bright side is that my wife has found her calling. She is absolutely wonderful to not only her mother, but all the residents who live at the home. She is always helping someone get where they want to go in their wheelchairs. She also gets water or coffee for anyone who wants it. While I push Mum around we are always looking for wifey and I tell Mum she is outside helping someone get through the door to come inside. Her mother likes it because at that moment she knows it is her daughter helping others. After we leave for the day, her memory fades and she will live it all over again the next day.

We have to face the fact that the mother we both shared is gone (mine passed in 1996), but the person that is left is still witty, easy with a smile and facing her new life head on. She received roses from the home for being the best resident living there. We are getting ready to take her for a ride in the car. While apprehensive, we hope the experience brightens her day. It will be the first time she has been out with the exception of an ambulance.

Going to the home is always a gift because there are many so much worse off than Mum. While Mum is near deaf and blind, she still has her mobility to a certain extent. She still won’t wear her hearing aid, but that is just her stubborn streak – it is part of her charm. It’s just as well really…many people there are crying and moaning. Mum doesn’t hear or see the pain and suffering of other dementia folks who live there.

As for my selfish prayer…I pray that Sandy and I (or any of our family) never experience Dementia/Alzheimer’s horrible grip on our minds. It’s hard enough getting old without watching a loved one lose their mental faculties. I would die before I ever put my wife through the trauma.

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John Wayne

It is no secret that Ebola is one horrible, deadly disease. There is also no doubt that The Federal Government is totally inept and unable to handle anything as important as trying to eradicate the outbreak of this illness in Africa, let alone America.

I agree we must try to help Africa and to not bring home Americans who have contracted Ebola while trying to help our fellow human beings abroad would be unforgivable. It will be learn as we go and I pray we can stop the infection before we experience wholesale death in the U.S.A.

Here is what I don’t agree with. It would be so wrong to politicize this situation. To even suggest that President Obama and/or his Administration could somehow be responsible for two health workers coming down with the disease in a hospital in Texas is absurd. To suggest it is all a conspiracy to stop the November elections through marshal law is even more absurd. In my humble opinion, the same thing could have happened with a Republican Administration.

While I do live in Po Dunk, Arizona, and I am of no notoriety…you can bet I am not alone recognizing just how inept our huge, over bloated Federal Government really is. The word “politics” is more distasteful than the word “caca.” Just getting my wife to proof political blogs takes a major effort – I can’t say as I blame her either.

Am I afraid of Ebola? Hell, yes, I am afraid of Ebola, but that doesn’t mean I should go hide in a closet with a .50 cal. machine gun waiting for the Ebola apocalypse to happen. Nor does it mean I should keep silent and not speak out concerning the state of our nation.

The real challenge is to get everyone off their booties to vote. Don’t listen to the pundits spewing out fear mongering by the bucketful. Get off the couch, saddle up and vote in November. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on…if you don’t vote; you are un-American. If you are un-American, you don’t deserve to live here!

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School of Hard Knocks

I still can’t believe it – I barely graduated high school and my teachers thought I would fade into the sunset. So much for opinions and everything for grit; I don’t recommend the school of hard knocks, but if you have to go, go big!


The third book of the “Evil in the Mirror” trilogy is published and out in the wild. You may never read my books and I probably will stay in obscurity, but that is really not the point now is it. The point is that I made it to project manager in the construction industry until the bottom fell out in 2009. Afterward, I sat down and wrote my first murder mystery, “Evil in the Mirror.” The response from family, friends and the public was electric. It was fast paced and took all the readers to places they really did not want to go, but had no choice because they couldn’t put it down. “You are one sick puppy,” was the consensus, “but that was one hell of a murder mystery!”

“Day Stalker” had the same effect even though I did tone it down a bit. The readers still couldn’t put it down, but “Evil” was a tough act to follow. Now “The Phoenix Code” is out and I can guarantee that the magic is still there and Detectives Jon Mull and Manny Gonzales will have their hands full with yet another sadistic killer.

Because “The Phoenix Code” is the last book in the trilogy, one might ask if this is the end of our two detectives. Well, you will just have to read the book to find out. This “sick puppy” is not going to make it easy for you!

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Learn Before You Ride

The old farts phenomenon of learning to ride motorcycles at the age when most are perceived to be cruising around in motor homes is becoming the real deal. Let’s face it, riding a heavy bike over the age of 50 takes courage and some amount of craziness, but ride they do and by the thousands


I personally have met many riders over 80 who still ride, albeit mostly on smaller bikes, trikes or sidecars. The lady in the picture above would probably not ride at all if not for the sidecar. I admire these folks who take the risk seriously, but ride anyway knowing that life is short and thrills are hard to come by at their ages.

The trick for first-time riders is taking the riding class. I also advise the class for folks who haven’t ridden for many years, especially if you plan to ride a touring motorcycle that weighs 750 lbs. dry. It may not be as important for some with past experience, but like the picture below – some need special training.


The main thing is to bring it on home safely without mishaps that do sometimes occur even with the most experienced riders. There are drivers out there who do not respect motorcycle riders no matter what age they are. I use the T-shirt below to give me an advantage. God knows we need all the help we can get!


For those of you who think riding a motorcycle is crazy and you would never do it…quit reading this blog now. For those of you who have contemplated riding, Google motorcycle riding class and get off your butt and have some fun for a change. You only live once – make it count. If your kids don’t like it…that makes it even better. Go ahead and spend their inheritance and save them from being lazy later…be a good parent and start riding into the sunset!

Take the two day class and ride off with an endorsement!

Take the two day class and ride off with an endorsement!

Native Americans call it ‘The Iron Pony,’ a description well put. When you straddle the leather seat, there is a feeling not unlike when a cowboy mounts a bucking bronco at a rodeo. You know something awesome is about to happen, but you’re not quite sure what.

Starting a hog for the first time is part of a love affair that will last forever. When that Twin V engine comes to life between your legs, you will have an idea of how that bronco rider must feel.

Nothing on the planet sounds like a Harley. At an idle, it has a low chugging beat, slow and strong like a rhinoceros just before the charge. The weight and massiveness of the machine is deceptive, even a little intimidating. Your first thought is that if this bike falls, it’s all over but the crying. Oh, well, either ride it or sell it!

Once you let the clutch out and start to move, magic happens. The ponderous, chrome hog becomes a graceful lady, responsive to your every touch. Each gear is a different dimension to her character. Every mile per hour faster is a study in stability.

You look at your companion riders in front, on the side and behind. A knowing smile spreads quickly. You are part of an American legend. Ride your Iron Pony into the sunset. A great adventure awaits!”

I wrote the above piece after my wife and I bought a 1975 Harley in 1996. It had been over 30 years since I had last ridden. This piece says it all….

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images2VXUJZV6How can one write about life when the precious commodity slips away like water through a spaghetti drainer? Every time I sit down to write about life, I find it impossible because I am not smart enough to share such a precious gift. Words fail me at the wonder of it all.

I think about my offspring living their precious gift – sometimes struggling under the weight of living while other times happy beyond words because they too know that life is spectacular. They wonder about their offsprings’ futures just like I wondered about theirs many years ago. They have no more control over fate than I, but try they must because it is one of the many faucets of life. Moving forward is a prerequisite of living; nothing static really lives.

Our family has been blessed with protection from a higher source…God if you like. When a family member is concerned or worried about where their next meal is coming from or how to pay bills with little money because they lost their job, I always remind them of the wonderful protection they have enjoyed down through the years and that the protection will not end for any reason as long as you believe in something more than self.

Some have called it the power of positive thinking; well put, but lacking somehow. I like to describe the dome of protection over our family as the veil of truth. We know that truth is the cradle of love and that love is the offspring of Divine Love. Our protection comes from Divine Love which rules the universe and beyond.

While we search the heavens for signs of life so that we may know that we are not alone, I search our world in all its abundance and diversity of life and know that we are surely not alone. To the incredibly small life forms our earth must seem like a universe unto itself. When we peer through a microscope, a new world unfolds with life forms that defy imagination. No, we are not alone…we share a world with billions of other life forms and I find comfort in that fact.

We humans are an arrogant lot, but inside most are compassion, love and caring for other people and other life forms. Showing compassion is our greatest gift, whether it is for other humans or friends from the animal kingdom. Our eagerness to help and protect so-called lower life forms like dogs and cats is paramount to keeping our own protection strong and vital. When we let our compassion fade, so in turn does our protection.

Love much today…open your arms to a stranger whether human or animal and give them the precious gift of love so that they too may be blessed with the protection of Divine Love. By doing so, you will contribute to the salvation of our species on planet Earth.

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