Motorcycle and Tattoo Dreams

I guess I will never grow up when it comes to tattoos and Motorcycles. Even a murder mystery author needs a hobby. I have been to so many bike shows and rallies that I lost count years ago. Looking at bikes today thrill me just a much as the first Cushman Eagle I rode as a teen.

“A man needs to know his limitations” does not apply….

I’m just saying,


































Harley Electric

Harley Electric













































































































I like the new Indians!

I like the new Indians!


































































Back in the day!

Back in the day!


































Harley Café Racer

Harley Café Racer










Ride on brothers and sisters!

Ride on brothers and sisters!




There is a Santa!

Nissa when Navy police

My wonderful daughter Nissa gave me her Acer, Dolby Home Theater, 5.1 Cinematic Surround, 500GB laptop computer to replace my aging computer. Of course I have no idea how to use even half of the bells and whistles this battle ship is equipped with. The screen is bigger than any laptop I have ever seen and it weighs a ton. Not something I would want to take to Starbucks.

She had it set up to play videos, run her whole entertainment center and God only knows what else. I am going to use it to write novels because now I can actually see the words on the screen! I may have to play a few Eagles CDs while working – the sound is unbelievable.

I’m still trying to figure out how to disable the pressure pad pointing device. I have to use a mouse or I get frustrated because when I am writing the pressure pad runs the cursor all over the freaking screen. It was easy to disable on the little laptop, but not so with this beast.

I have decided to start writing again after a six month hiatus. I actually started a new genre attempt, but alas my wife doesn’t like science fiction so I abandoned the project. I know, it shouldn’t matter what she likes or dislikes, but her proof reading is invaluable to me. She won’t even read science fiction. What kind of deal is that?

I guess Jon and Manny from the “Evil in the Mirror” trilogy will have to become private investigators and get involved in even more sick crimes than usual. I am destined to become an armchair detective till the day I go to the big case in the sky.

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Broken Hearts and Lives

imagesCARSI88LI am currently preparing to testify in court on behalf of a young man who used to work for me as a labor foreman. For the sake of privacy, we will call this man Joe. He used to remind me of Sergeant Joe Friday in the TV sitcom Dragnet. When it came to work, our Joe was all business through and through.

He was honest and dependable to a fault, worked circles around the rest of the laborers and I could trust him to secure multi-million dollar projects at the end of the work day. He also operated and maintained equipment with safety always the first priority.

I knew when I hired Joe that he had a problem with drug abuse in the past and that he had been convicted of a felony while using heroin and was on probation. The conventional wisdom of the day was, “Once a heroin addict, always a heroin addict.” Balderdash – that’s like saying all pit bulls are killers! My instinct after 50 years in the construction industry told me differently.

Joe looked like Captain Marvel, clean cut, lean and handsome – totally opposite of the public conception of a burley, tattooed construction worker who smelled of booze when showing up to work late as usual. I was proud to have him work with expensive custom home clients…he gave them confidence in our whole construction team.

2009 was a bad year for everyone who needed work to feed families, buy fuel and live a decent life. The bottom fell out of not only the construction industry, but most businesses and unemployment hit all time highs. Joe, along with the whole team (including myself), was laid off. For the first time in my career, I was forced to collect unemployment compensation.

I am not excusing or condoning the trouble Joe got into this year (many survived without breaking laws or succumbing to alcohol or drug abuse), but the crimes he committed do not fit the character of the man who worked for me for five years.

Joe’s mother called me from out of state asking for help. Her heart is broken as only a mother’s heart can be. She believes in her son and was so proud of his progress in obtaining a decent life for himself and his family. I happen to feel the same way as she, which is why I am writing the judge and plan to speak at his sentencing.

This story is repeated time and again in America with families torn apart because of heartless drug pushers who don’t care whom they infect with their poison. Those who sell hard drugs need to be imprisoned without parole – no exception! Those who are addicted need professional help, not incarceration in prisons that perpetuate violence and criminal behavior.

I know ex-users who lead productive, rewarding lives and are a positive influence in our society. They received help and understanding instead of incarceration and indoctrination into a further life of crime with the true victims being families and loved ones.

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Book Signing Party


I am so excited about my upcoming book signing November 22, between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at Barnes and Noble, Fresno, California.

Nancy Bradley , her husband, Robert, and Catherine Noble will be there. Catherine (Cat) was mentioned in the acknowledgements in Evil in the Mirror, but I have never met her in person. She, along with Nancy, was always there if I needed help or encouragement while I wrote my first book.

I am sorry to say that my twin brother, Walt, will not be there. He passed in December of 2012. He also was invaluable when I struggled with writing murder and love scenes. He was the bad twin – not me!

After the signing, I travel on to see my son, Jonny The Feather, in San Luis Obispo. He happens to be the “best in the west” tattoo artist  I also hope to sell a few murder mysteries while at this shop…after all, man does not live by tats alone!

I also hope to visit my dear friend, Larry Corona, while in Fresno. He has been very ill and the news is that he is not doing well again. I graduated with Nancy and Larry from Escondido High School in 1961 – we go back a long way. Yes, I remember the dust from the wagon trains.

I’m just saying,


My Heroes


I sometimes refer to Governor Jan Brewer as the “Govenator of Arizona,” mainly because she is tougher than Arnold Schwarzenegger and is a true Republican. She is also known as the “Terminator” because she and Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, continue their unrelenting pursuit of illegal aliens, drug dealers, their mules and rampant human slavery of decent people from South America who come to the U.S. looking for a better life and are kept in “safe” houses in Phoenix literally held prisoner for ransom. These include women and children who are abused by the smugglers.

Brewer and Arpaio have two mighty opponents who dog their every waking hour and refuse to enforce current laws that are on the books. The first one is President Obama (which includes the Justice Department) and the second is the whole state of California – you know, the state that is insolvent mainly because of illegal aliens and their families are getting more welfare than any other group of people in the history of this nation.

I was raised in southern California from 1948 until 1968 and the experience was a great one. There were jobs, security and the best recreation in the country. It (California) was the place to live and play which no one could deny. Things started to change in 1968 and not for the better. Work dried up and the beaches were dirty with litter. It got to the point where camping on the beach was not only illegal, but dangerous as well.

In 1968 when I moved back to Tucson, Arizona (the place of my birth), there was plenty of work and the pristine public lands were safe for hunting, fishing, camping and recreation of all kinds. Sometimes I would go fishing next to the Mexican border with no thought of drug smugglers or illegal aliens. I spent many years in southern Arizona and not one time while exploring our wonderful public lands did I encounter the kind of human predators that permeate the area now. Nor did I find any evidence of illegal aliens.

Now you can find billboards warning Americans that our public lands are not safe to use. These are the kind of signs you would expect to find in foreign countries, not the United States of America! Gullies and canyons are filled with the trash left behind by drug mules, illegal aliens and their human smugglers. There are armed intruders who would kill you in a heartbeat and leave your stripped body to feed the vultures. Thousands of acres of our lands are now forfeited to the human garbage that are here illegally and know only an allegiance to greed and illegal activities.

While our Constitution guarantees our right to keep and bear arms, the government continues to try to take them away, even when it is evident that we are being invaded by Mexico. These invaders have deadly weapons and are more than willing to use them. The anti-weapon numbskulls in America would have us throw rocks at our antagonists while they kill us with bullets.

This is not my first blog on this subject, nor will it be my last. The most disturbing feature of this American tragedy is the reason Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe are being persecuted by the federal government. During primary election years the Democrats need votes and the most available votes come from, yes, you guessed it, illegal aliens. Millions of votes come from people who have absolutely no right to vote in this country in the first place. They are here for all the freebies being passed out like candy during Halloween!

It is not surprising that every time legislation is presented that would require everyone to have a picture ID proving they are a U.S. citizen when voting, the Democrats pipe in with the same old rhetoric about illegal alien rights. Listen up, people; illegal aliens have no voting rights when they are here illegally! Hello….

Governor Jerry Brown of California thinks illegal aliens should also have the right to receive driver’s licenses. Gee, I wonder why – isn’t he a Democrat? At this rate, American citizens will be the illegal aliens because our country is being sold down the river by greedy, self-serving politicians who think they are also immune to the laws of the land.

I would love to see Governor Jan Brewer and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio run for president and vice-president in 2016. I’m not sure which one would be president, but both would fit the bill. Talk about tough, these two are right out of the Old West and perfect to clean up not only Tombstone “The Town To Tough Too Die,” but America, the country to great to succumb to the babbling idiots that now run our government.

I’m just saying,


Oh, yes!


“The evening was a whirlwind – we were all frenzied and taut, bodies shaking and grinding with none of those wasted moments of precious and too little time.

Tomorrow would come, but tonight my longing for you became a desire to hold you close and press my lips to your rich black-diamond skin. I slipped my tongue into your wet essence, delving into the dark depths of your liquid delights.

My pulse quickened as your fluids rushed over my palate like a Jamaican waterfall of melted creamy caramel sin. I swallowed the first crescendo of satisfaction and reached for you again and again and again, until my need was sated and I switched to decaf.”

Jolen Whitworth

This poem by Jolen Whitworth sums up how much we authors like and must have our coffee to survive. Go to Jolen’s Website and settle in for a real treat. She is a delightfully talented author living in England and a witch to boot – the combination is irresistible.

Write on,